Russian Corporal Punishments

Established in 1993, the Rough Man Club has been paying attention to the needs of kinky females ever since. The Club is the ultimate place for such girls and women to share their deepest punishment fantasies. Before they are accepted, they have to pass through a special procedure which is always shot on video. Get in to see the highlights of the Club's initiation scenes along with custom-made punishment videos reflecting the fantasies of individual club members, and more. This footage is exclusive to the Club and is not available anywhere else.

*** NEW VIDEOS ***

Pirates 11

Pirates 10

Pirates 9

Pirates 8

'English Education' Series

English Education 12
English Education 11
English Education 10
English Education 9
English Education 8
English Education 7
English Education 4
English Education 2
English Education 3
English Education 6
English Education 5
English Education 1

' School of Burlesque ' Series

School of Burlesque - Geography
School of Burlesque - Mathematics
School of Burlesque - Chemistry
School of Burlesque - History

' Schoolgirl Punishment ' Series

Schoolgirl Punishment - Nastya
Schoolgirl Punishment - Katya 2
Schoolgirl Punishment - Katya
Schoolgirl Punishment - Inga

' Fulfillment of Desires ' Series

Bar Fulfillment of Desires 3
Bar Fulfillment of Desires 2
Bar Fulfillment of Desires 1

' Pirates ' Series

The Pirates 7
The Pirates 5
The Pirates 4
The Pirates 3
The Pirates 2
The Pirates 1

' The Tavern ' Series

The Tavern 15
The Tavern 14
The Tavern 13
The Tavern 12
The Tavern 11
The Tavern 10
The Tavern 8
The Tavern 7
The Tavern 6
The Tavern 5
The Tavern 4
The Tavern 3
The Tavern 2
The Tavern 1


The Russian Maid
The maniac from the nudist beach
Casting ROUGHMAN club 27
Casting ROUGHMAN club 26
Casting ROUGHMAN club 25
She wants to quit
Punishment Rattan
Casting ROUGHMAN club - Ganna
Punishment in the Club
Gold Card 91
Gold Card 88
Gold Card 87
The real punishment - Lydia
Unauthorized access
Punishment in the gym - Episode 2
Punishment in the gym - episode 1
Casting ROUGHMAN club 77
The quest for fame
Stalin - Film roughman studios
A harsh spanking on the bare ass
Casting ROUGHMAN club
The real penalty
The real punishment
The new Roughmanstudio project

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